The laws relating Internet gambling vary all over the planet. In different countries and districts the attitude of the local authorities towards online and offline gambling is very different. That's why the question about online gambling legality is not clearly defined. Still, it should be mentioned that most laws refer to land-based casino gambling and don't cover online gambling site that's why the problem of legal gambling over the Internet is not solved.

State Gambling Laws in the USA

Now all gaming businesses in the United States are regulated by the State Legislatures that is why in various states you will face different gambling laws that permit or forbid gaming activities. In some of the states most gambling halls were legalized however in some of them the locals are forbidden to participate in any lotteries and play card games. Nevada is the most democratic when talking about gambling. It has allowed to organize gambling of any kind and turned this business into the most important source for the budget. On the contrary, the law of Utah bans gambling and considers any activities which involve gambling to be illegal on the territory of the state. But most of the state laws do not deal with gambling on the Internet.

Federal Gambling Laws in the USA

All the efforts to prohibit Internet gambling halls in the United States failed as any legislation that would forbid gambling activities on the Internet did not get the needed votes in the Senate. These days the only legal guide to online gaming is the federal laws that somehow may be assigned to gambling activities on the web. Thus, the basic federal law dealing with online gambling is the Wire Wager Act that is used to limit online gaming activities. The Act bans the use of wire connections for betting. According to the Wire Wager Act any gambler who uses the wire communications to make bets, participates in the sport betting, looks for any materials regarding betting and wagering, violates the law and will be fined or even imprisoned.

The thoughts about the Wire Wager Act are different. According to some people, the Act deals only with the sport betting and thus can not be applied to any online casino bonus portals. Thus, nowadays a great number of Internet casinos don't accept wagers from the US players. That is why, each time you play roulette or decide to play blackjack online check up whether the casino welcomes the gamblers from your country and study the local laws regarding Internet gambling