American wheel: There are two kinds of roulette wheels. American wheel is one of them. It has 38 numbers in total while European wheel has thirty seven numbers. The additional number is "00".

European wheel: This wheel is similar to American wheel but without a "double zero" slot in it. This improved the chance of winning!

Ball: The probability of winning depends on this small white ball. This ball is thrown on the wheel of the roulette.

Column bet: This is a kind of roulette bet. When a player place bet vertically with twelve possible numbers then it is called column bet. The payout of column bet is two to one.

Combine Bet: If any player place a bet on different possible outcomes parallel then it is called combine bet.

Corner Bet: Corner bet is such a bet with which player can choose one from 4 possible numbers. The payoff of this bet is eight to one.

Dozen Bet: Dozen Bet is same as column bet but players wage on 1 of 3 various possible collection of numbers beating; 1-12 , 25 -36 or 13-24.

Even-Odd Bet: If any player bets on either even or odd viewing up on the roulette wheel, is called Even-Odd Bet. The payoff of Even-Odd Bet is one to one.

High - Low Bet: If any player bets on any number of (19-36) or bets on any number of (1-18) then it is called high- low bet. It has same payoff as even/odd bet.

Inside Bet: Placing bet on the number lattice part of the roulette table.

Outside Bet: This bet is not a specific but betting on any other except on number like black, red, even and odd.

Red-Black Bet: Once any player place bet on either black or red colored number, it is called red-black bet. Payoff of this bet is one to one.

Split Bet: This is nothing but a combine bet where a player place bet on 2 possible numbers landing.

Trio Bet: It is also a combine bet where a player bet on 3 possible numbers.

Zero, Double Zero: Placing bet on opposite green color of the wheel is known as zero, double zero bet. But the double zero bet is not applicable on European roulette but it could possible for American roulette.