Frankly speaking, there are two main slots types, the Flat top slots and the Progressive machines, unlike  online blackjack or any other card game that has dozens of variations. The main thing that separates the progressive machine from the flat one is the large display that shows the amount of the increasing jackpot. The prizes in the Flat top slots types are fixed.

Before you choose to play on a progressive machine you are to check the minimum bet that can claim for the jackpot at  online casinos you gamble at.

Slots Types

The Slots game is also known as One Armed Bandit and is considered as the game based mostly on chance and luck. Due to the major increase in the popularity of slots machines the variety of slots types keeps increasing. Now you can choose machine not only according to the quantity of reels, but also to the number of paylines and even the symbols on them. Nowadays each online and real casino has over 50 and some even over 100 slots types and variations. To make it easier to choose the game most of them are divided into groups according to the same parameters.

The Paylines

Big part of slots types are single payline machines. Though the quantity of the machines with multiple reel is increasing rapidly. The main thing that separates these slots from other machines is the fact that the player is paid for combinations on each of the reels and the number of paylines increases from 3 to over 40. However, to get paid for the paylines you have to bet on some or all of them. So, the more you bet the more chances of winning there are.

The most important factor you are to take into account is that most of the slots types differ in the number of reels, the coin values and the ability to bet max. The principles of the game stay the same and you can play slots online as long as you know the basic ones.

In order to find out which version of the slots is great for you, you are to try some of them because they all are great and the choice depends upon the taste. Just do not forget to have fun gambling as this is the main rule of any game!