Most of the gambling houses set your chances of winning 35 to 1. Put simply, if you bet one dollar and your number comes up you get thirty-five dollars and you can keep the dollar you bet. The gambling house's advantage results from the amount of money gamblers lose on the gambles they place. The roulette history hides all the secrets. When you gamble on a single number in the single zero roulette the chances of winning are 1/37 and the chances of losing 36/37. One thing to consider is that when single zero and double zero come up you won't win. The gambling house a lot has an advantage on the inside gambles you place.


Suppose you place a straight gamble of one dollar on the numbers going from one to thirty six on an American or European wheel, you are likely to win. So if you bet $38 and you won you would get back $35. Most people have the idea that the green numbers are numbers that belong to the gambling house and that if they place a gamble on those numbers the advantage of the house goes up. Nevertheless, you need to know that those numbers do not come up very often.

Gambling House Advantage for Single and Double Zero Roulette

A good idea is for any gambler to know everything about the gambling house advantage for any game before gambling. In the case of a roulette game the advantage of the house can make a huge different. The most common kinds of roulettes are the American and the European. They might look similar but in fact there are important differences to take into account.

In the European roulette the numbers ranging from single zero to thirty-six are black and red and the advantage of the house is 2.7%. However, there are some rules that can lower the house advantage. The first rule is called La Partage and when the ball hit the single zero, gamblers who bet even money can get half their gamble back. This means that the advantage of the house goes down to 1.35%. The second rule is called the en prison and the advantage of the house also goes down to 1.35%. The good thing about this rule is that when you lose the money you gambled is kept until the next swirl and you get it back when you win.

In the American roulette none of those two rules can be used because the house advantage of 5.36% is fixed due to the double zero slot.

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