There are several major strategies in slots to pay your attention at. No one can really say whether they are effective and can change your game in the favorable turn. Slots are a game of luck as it is completely random. You can't influence on the spins and their sequence as all the slots machines use random number generator (RNG). Casino slots strategy guide will shows you how your bets can influence the way you playin strategy systems like Chicken Strategy or Star Strategy. And who knows, maybe one of them will lead you to the biggest jackpots ever.

Strategies Explained

Casino slots strategy guide will highlight 3 most known strategies:

  • Basic strategy
  • Progressive
  • Standard deviation

Basic casino slots strategy are a must for all players. You should learn it first. It's like a good starting point for further improvement. In order to hit the jackpot offered by slots - you simply need to put maximum coins in it. Classic slots pay only on certain number or symbol combinations.This means you should play the maximum you have. Look for great slots tips with single payline or double jackpot machines. You should know payouts these machines offer - as the payout percentage has to be near 98-100%.

Progressive strategy allows hitting the progressive and growing jackpots. All of progressive jackpots requireminimum 3 coins to insert. If you've collected 3 Megajackpot symbols - you'll get the top prize. Such slots increase their jackpots with every bet. Progressive slots strategy includes small bets. This strategy may cause a huge payout in the first 15 minutes of playing.

Standard Deviation Strategy

This strategy is known as the most advanced. It helps to identify on which spins it is more likely that you'll get winning paylines. Here is an information on how to count such possibility. Firstly, place a minimum bet to see how many spins you should make before a winning one will come. Write this number or remember it. Repeat the whole procedure 10 times. Then just count the average number, which shows you,that the closer you are to that spin - you should increase your bets. However, such strategy may not occur all the times.