Today gambling that involves wagering at casinos, card rooms and lotteries, horse and dog races and stock market deals is one of the favorite activities of lost of people regardless the age and profits. For most people gambling is not the source of extra earnings but a kind of entertainment. Some of the gamblers get so dependent on gambling that it becomes a big problem for them and their relatives.

Gambling addiction also referred as pathological or problem gambling is the obsession with gambling and inability to get control over gaming activities. The players who suffer from such disease cannot stop risking and concentrate on it so that other social contacts are of no importance for them.

Those who become addicted always need to gamble more and risk wagering bigger sums of money. As result, they spend most of time gambling and lose all their funds that they even cannot afford to lose. It was discovered that the main factor which attracts problem gamblers is the excitement and rush of gambling as well as wins.

According to the numerous studies, up to 5 million of people in the USA suffer from gambling addiction and other 15 million of players risk to get addicted. In addition, about 80% of adults stated that they gambled. Every year about $500 billion is spent on betting. Moreover, it has been revealed that the players who prefer offline and online slots get addicted earlier than those who like other games such as internet blackjack or poker.

Gambling addiction is the big problem as it can cause a great harm to the mental and physical health of the gambler. In some cases the players that are addicted are lying, cheating and even stealing money thus they get problems not only with their families but also with the law.

Today problem gambling can be treated. The initial step to overcome this problem is to recognize it because most of the players don't realize the problem itself and its scale. There are many programs created to help gambling addicts and the gambler may find many resources of assistance.

All in all, remember about the problems which can arise from wagering and do not turn it into the basic entertainment. Stick to time and money limits when you play blackjack, roulette, slots and other casino games.