The house edge is limited by the audit companies for every casinos online working under US or UE license. The minimum imposed house edge is 93 %. However, the majority of casinos would give the players more winning chances to attract them. It is the case of Cirrus Casino, a site that respects the players by offering them a 98 % payout on certain slots games. Considering the free signup promotions and the continuous tournaments and contests, you should try it at least for a while.

House edge vs. Players earnings

A house edge of 98 % won't necessarily mean that you would lose only 2 dollars for every 100 gambled by you on the site. Let's see an example that illustrates this mechanism:

Let's suppose a player wins 98 dollars with a 2 dollars bet (on slots games, this payout is possible). Would the casino give that money to the player from its stash? You can be sure this is not the case. The casino would make 10 players to lose all their 100 dollars gambled (a total of 10 000), keeping 20 of them as a house edge and giving the rest to the respective winner. The casino got his share, the winner is happy, the house edge is respected, everybody wins (except for those 10 losers, but who cares?)

Therefore, you won't have to bet on certain casino thinking about a guaranteed return of income (ROI). Furthermore, the casino would rather reward the high rollers and the faithful players, so you might think about betting more and staying longer on the site if you want a realistic winning chance.

How to evaluate the house edge

A casino offering you the minimum imposed house edge of 93 % is surely a bad investment. As a beginner, you won't stand a chance. The customers of those casinos are usually the high rollers that got used to the respective websites. They must be rewarded in some way; therefore, you will be robbed as a newbie on the site.

Check the policy of the casino. Some online casinos would rather reward the high rollers by taking the money from beginners, while others would rather give a fair chance for everybody. However, those policies are not stated in some terms and conditions. You will have to read the blogs and the forums. If the beginners are complaining, it means that the respective casino is not suited for your newbie needs. On the other hand, if the newbie's are happy, it means that you are facing a fair casino that deserves your full attention.