The inventor of blackjack is not known. Furthermore, the historical analysts are stating that blackjack is a variation of some antique cards games, therefore a single inventor can't be found. The game was first commented 300 years ago in France, although the game was more popular in Spain at that time. The basics of the game are the same even today, although the apparition of cards counting systems obliged the casinos to make some modifications.

A harsh competition had begun starting with the year 1950. We talk about a true war between the casinos and the players using advanced blackjack techniques. Furthermore, some university professors found the game as the perfect teaching method for mathematics and statistics. Smart students were allowed to develop blackjack systems by themselves. Those students tried their systems in the Las Vegas casinos in weekends, causing great damages to the casino's incomes. It has been rumored, although not proven, that the casino's Pit Bosses recommended to the shareholders to forbid the blackjack game from the casinos. However, the casino's bosses realized the potential losses, preferring to spot and ban the card counters from the blackjack tables.

Online Blackjack Software and Strategies

At the beginning of the years 1970, the casinos mastered their techniques to find blackjack counters. The profits were back again, old cards counting strategies becoming useless. A new threat appeared at that moment: computer counting methods and strategies. Again, smart MIT students and professors developed those systems. The devices were hard to recognize, and the players disguised themselves to cheat the Pit Bosses even more. The day was saved once again for the casinos. Advanced cameras and surveillance systems were introduced, and the players were banned for life in every Las Vegas casinos.

The final hit was the appearance of the online casinos. The cards were flushed after every round, making the cards counting systems impossible. The students were not discouraged. As they also had the computers at their disposals, they managed to develop advanced guides, strategies, and software for players. The most advanced techniques of this kind implied breaking the casino's code in order to find the Random Number Generator. However, hacking and illegal techniques are required in this initiative; therefore, there are not so many people that could conduct such a process.

In our days, the waters are clear and this interesting competition is calm. The online casinos are making huge profits, and it seems like the developers renounced to search new online cards counting methods. However, some new programs might challenge the casinos once again, especially with the massive development of the mobile terminals.