As blackjack remains the most famous and favourable game in the contemporary gambling world, it seems pretty obvious, that the vast majority of additional methods, which are believed to help one win a fortune, have been developed by blackjack players.

In addition to well-known casino systems, there have been created versatile advantage gambling methods, which have, actually, proved to be rather beneficial for gamblers, of course, only if they are willing to learn and receive practical experience.

In particular, one of the most popular advantage play techniques appears blackjack card counting, which is recognized to be based on mathematical approach, and has proved its reliability within the game's history.

The essence of blackjack card counting technique lies in figuring out, which cards are still left in the deck and, relatively, how high the player's possibilities to win are, by counting the total card value, which has been already dealt.

According to one of the most widely-spread methods in blackjack card counting, which is usually called "High/Low", the cards are valued in the following way: 10s, aces and face cards get -1 point; 7s - 9s get "0" and small cards (2s - 6s) receive +1 point.

At the same time, sometimes there might be applied other options, like "Wizard Ace/Five", for instance, according to which, only aces and 5s get a particular value (-1 and +1 relatively), whereas other cards correspond to "0".

Moreover, some blackjack card counting techniques define several levels of card values, from -2 to +2, like in Zen Count or Hi-Opt I and II, though these complicated counting strategies are advised to try only in case, if a person has already received enough practice in usage of the simpler ones in the game.

The only flaw, which blackjack card counting possesses is its being banned in a number of top casino centers, so whenever one wishes to try his/her hand at it, he/she should check, whether it's allowed to apply it within a particular gambling establishment, or not.

All things considered, despite the fact that the gambling history has seen incredible accomplishments of people, keen on blackjack card counting, it doesn't mean that every single person, who starts applying it, will succeed. Yet, as long as one has made up his/her mind to win a fortune, nothing is impossible.