Roulette is a French game that was originated a long time ago and was very popular among people. Today you can enjoy roulette not only in real casinos but also through the internet, online. There are three major types of roulette American, French and European and a lot of variations of this game, such as Pole Chudes in Russia, for example. Roulette game isn't difficult, but in order to get success, you will have to know particular playing tips. The rules are similar, but there are some differences like European roulette wheel together with French one has 37 numbers, when American roulette has 38.

American Roulette

This one of is the trickiest type from the list. American roulette has the highest house advantage which is 5.26%. It can be explained by fact that together with single zero, table layout has additional double zero. If payouts both in European and American roulette are the same, odds of hitting the needed number are increased as there are 38 numbers instead of 37. You may think that this difference is insignificant, but as facts show it is.

European roulette

This type is the most preferable for gambling. The house edge of European roulette is almost half less 2.63%, because table layout has only single zero and 37 possible numbers. Some European roulette tables have such bets known as "neighbors" - the set of numbers, which are called as Jeu zero, Tier, Orphelins and Grand Voisins du zero.

French roulette

Online casinos prefer not to offer this roulette type, because it has low house edge and good odds for players. It is very similar to the European roulette, because there is no double zero. European roulette has one more advantageous premise such as La Partage rule. Even if ball will lend on 0, player has a right to lose only 50% from his bet. European roulette introduces new type of bet "call bets" - numbers that encircle 0. There are 4 call bets, each one with its group of numbers.